There are three types of membership in the Society:

Full / Active Members must belong to the Catholic Church, accept the Basic Principles or Charter of the Society, be accepted as an Active Member by a Conference and be enrolled in it. In addition, they need to take part in the life of the Conference to which they belong. Participation implies a reasonable degree of involvement in SVdP meetings, charitable activities, and religious observances.

Associate Members, like Active Members, are affiliated with the Society by formal action of the Conference or Council with which the member will be joined. Associate Members include those who sincerely and publicly accept the Society’s basic principles but may or may not belong to the Catholic Church. Associate Members are kept informed of the developments and activities of their immediate groupings, as well as the general progress of the Society, particularly in the local area or diocese. Associate members are invited to attend the general meetings and special observances of the Society. They participate, as they are able, in the charitable activism of the Society in their area.

Young members keep the Society young. They are the future of the Society that is flourishing today. They see with new eyes and often look far ahead. The Society works constantly to form Youth Conferences and welcomes young members into all Conferences. Their experience in a community of faith and love and their exposure to poverty deepen their spirituality, spur them to action and help them to grow as human beings. The senior members assume the responsibility of assisting them along their path of training, respecting their personal choices and their aspirations of Vincentian service.

Contact Gennette Medina, Youth/Young Adult Coordinator for the Western Region of the United States, for more information in forming a youth or young adult Conference in your parish.

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