Join the 11 th Annual Friends of the Poor ® Walk/Run

Host a local 2018 Friends of the Poor Walk/Run

As you plan for your Conference fundraising and outreach efforts this year, we hope you’ll participate in hosting a Friends of the Poor ® Walk/Run.
Last year, more than 25,000 walkers came together at 243 walk locations across the United States. And the result for such a fun ‑ and effective ‑ low‑cost investment was more than $3.1 million raised!
As you know, having adequate funding is crucial in reaching out to the poor, the sick, the imprisoned, or anyone who needs emergency assistance or spiritual aid. Hosting a walk/run will provide people in your community the opportunity to participate and generously donate so you can help even more of your neighbors in need.
Register your 2018 Friends of the Poor ® Walk/Run today!
Your local 2018 Friends of the Poor ® Walk/Run will:
Raise money to directly help people living in poverty in your community
Increase awareness about the challenges facing those in need
Enhance visibility and the reputation of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul ®
Involve the members of your parish and surrounding community
Cultivate donors that can support you all year long








Remember that 100% of the funds raised will stay with the Conference or Council your walker selects, to impact your community. We’ll provide all of the support materials and templates you need, and I am available for questions.
Contact me now to learn more about the 2018 Friends of the Poor ® Walk/Run, or to get help registering your walk location!
Nathan Martin
National Director of Fundraising Programs
Phone: (314) 576-3993 x218