Resources for Good SVdP Governance

Ask yourself these questions: Doesn’t it make sense that everyone, no matter their position in an organization, wants it to run smoothly and efficiently? Isn’t this important to an organization that solicits donations and wants to attract good people? Doesn’t this apply to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul?
Whatever your role in our Society, don’t you think it’s important to know the resources that are available to help your Conference or Council function as effectively as possible?
Here are a few resources every member should be aware of:
Governance Training – The Society has produced a DVD and print course on Governance.  The DVD is available for $10 from the National Office. A printed Participant’s Guide comes with it. Members of the National Governance Committee are available to conduct training in person or to answer questions by phone during any training your Council might conduct on its own.
Governance-in-a-Box – At the National website you will find all kinds of helpful material.  Go to and on the right side of the bar at the top click on SVdP Members, and then on the page that comes up click on Documents. At the bottom of the drop-down, click on Governance-in-a-Box where you’ll find a wealth of information. And instead of calling the National Office with a governance question, why not search the Q & A Master Index for answers to questions posed by members. Chances are that any question you might have has probably been covered. Also, go to Governance Initiatives and look through the material available to you.
Mentoring – If you’re a new Council president or executive director you might benefit from a mentor – an experienced Council president or executive director. Why not let them help make your life as a Vincentian leader easier. For more information contact Pam Hudson at