San Diego Diocesan Council Monthly Newsletter

Welcome, Vincentians and friends! You have discovered the San Diego Diocesan Council newsletter!

The food of our newsletter comes from our member Conferences.  Then, the newsletter is built with information provided by these important folks:

  • Deacon Timothy Schulz, San Diego Council Spiritual Advisor;
  • Member Conferences;
  • Local, Diocesan, or National news that is pertinent to the Conferences.

Why are they so important?  Because without them, Judy Marquie, our San Diego Council president, would have nothing to assemble. In case you are wondering… yes, Judy is open to sharing the task with you.  If you are interested, please contact her.

Each month, this newsletter is a surprise.  We learn what’s brewing when we meet.  The visiting that takes place in the newsletter is a gentle substitute for meetings which only occur quarterly.

News in San Diego County is just one click away!

Do you know what we need?  We need your voice so that others will be better informed about what’s happening in your community.  You are on the ‘front lines’ and it is your boots that are on the ground!

This  month’s newsletter:  Apr 2020 Newsletter

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Are you interested in helping us?  Contact us at

We would love to share this task with you.