2018 Friends of the Poor Walk

The year 2008 marked two important events for the National Council Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Not only was it the 175th anniversary of the Society, but it was the founding year for the National Council Friends of the Poor® Walk/Run.

The 2018 Friends of the Poor® Run/Walk take place this weekend, Sept. 29th, for several of our conferences.  Conferences participating in this walk are:

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, and Christ the King at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

St. John the Evangelist at St. John the Evangelist

St. Luke’s at Steele Canyon High School

Santa Sophia at Santa Sophia

To find out more about the walk, register to walk or donate to a walker use the following link:


The U.S. Census Bureau reports that a 46.5 million Americans (about 15 percent of the population) are living in poverty, the largest number ever recorded in our nation’s history, and it’s estimated that more than 20 percent of those are children.

The Friends of the Poor® Walk/Run is a simple, visible way to help bring attention to the issue and help raise funds to help those in need in our community. Unlike similar events, the Friends of the Poor® Walk/Run:

(1) Does not charge any administrative fees; and

(2) Every dollar raised will directly benefit the people in San Diego and surrounding counties.