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Voice of the Poor

The Voice of the Poor seeks to speak especially for those who have no voice. Members of the Society to life the stories that we know of the poor. We need to focus on the issues agreed upon by Councils and based on Catholic social teaching. We need to be informed. We must research issues so that we can speak knowledgeably. It is important for us to build relationships with the Church leadership and the political leadership of the country so we can bring both together for the good of the Society and our friends the poor.

As the Voice of the Poor we want to inform our elected representatives and our community how decisions affect the people we care for. That is, our friends, those living in poverty. We hold our elected representatives accountable for the decisions they make, which affect the poor.

More information can be found on the following website.

Annual National Friends of the Poor® Walk/Run

SAVE THE DATE: A Saturday in September/October, 2016.

Once again, members of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, all across the United States, will host the Friends of the Poor® Walk/Run. It is usually held on a Saturday nearest September 27, the feast of our Patron, St. Vincent de Paul. This is a unique national fundraising effort organized nationally and locally by Councils and Conferences of the Society. It allows community members from all walks of life to participate in a simultaneous, nationwide event to raise national awareness of the challenges faced by the nation’s poor and to raise significant funds for use in direct service to the poor. All funds raised locally are used locally. Walkers in any of the events can designate the Conference that is to receive the funds.

The 2008 inaugural event gave local Conferences and Councils a framework to host an event that would raise funds for their Conference or Council. The event continues to grow each year, attracting thousands of walkers and runners in hundreds of Conferences and Councils. Over $1.4M has been raised. Look for more details here by spring!

For information about upcoming walks, visit the following website.

St. Stephen, Valley Center – Sept. 10, 2016
St. John the Evangelist, Encinitas – Oct. 1, 2016
Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, San Ysidro – Sept. 24, 2016
Santa Sophia and Church of St. Luke, at Spring Valley – Oct. 1, 2016