The Salvation Army of El Cajon has successfully launched their “Reunification” program to assist people who are living on the street reconnect with their family.  In the past 6 months they have helped 12 individuals return to families many of which are living outside the state of California.

They have a 7 step program:

  • Case Management Intake – Review if candidate has a viable relative to return to and is a good candidate for Reunification Program.
  • Case Management Review -Review if receiving relative is a good candidate for transfer & that they are willing to take client.
  • Transportation & Needs Arrangements – Provide person with itinerary, food vouchers, toiletries & personal items for travel trip.
  • Travel Phase – Assist person with connections to transportation and plan trip itinerary to connect with relative.
  • Case Management Follow-Up, Part 1 – Contact local Salvation Army to determine success of the family moving forward.
  • Case Management Follow-Up, Part 2 – 90 day & 6 month follow-up to confirm success or issues with client
  • Transfer Case to local Salvation Army for additional follow-up.

If you or a loved one need assistance with getting back home please contact the Salvation Army at 619-440-3579 or visit them at 1011 E. Main St., El Cajon