Bishop Hying provides direction during Covid-19

Take heart, Vincentians!  A message is waiting for you from our National Spiritual Advisor, Bishop Donald Hying.  His words provide inspiration for each of us. In these difficult and uncertain times, many Conferences are at a loss on how to proceed with services as usual.  View the message here:     Some thoughts from one of… Read more »

San Diego Diocesan Council Monthly Newsletter

Welcome, Vincentians and friends! You have discovered the San Diego Diocesan Council newsletter! The food of our newsletter comes from our member Conferences.  Then, the newsletter is built with information provided by these important folks: Deacon Timothy Schulz, San Diego Council Spiritual Advisor; Member Conferences; Local, Diocesan, or National news that is pertinent to the… Read more »

Unprecedented Gathering of US Church

From July 1 to July 4, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is convening an unprecedented gathering of key leaders from across the country.  Leaders from 162 dioceses and many Catholic organizations across the country will meet in Orlando, Florida, for 4 days.  The purpose: to assess the challenges and opportunities of our time, particularly in… Read more »

Orientation training for SVdP Diocesan Council of San Diego

We welcome the newest San Diego trainers for the 2016 Ozanam Orientation.  Judy Marquie, Lali Chan-Chale, and Tracy Ferchaw have joined the formation team for the Diocesan Council.  Previous members include: Tim Schulz, Gennette Medina, Margarita Galindo, and Sandra Watson. Joining us from outside San Diego were: Aldo Barletta, from Marysville, WA; Stuart Dale, from… Read more »