Orientation training for SVdP Diocesan Council of San Diego

We welcome the newest San Diego trainers for the 2016 Ozanam Orientation.  Judy Marquie, Lali Chan-Chale, and Tracy Ferchaw have joined the formation team for the Diocesan Council.  Previous members include: Tim Schulz, Gennette Medina, Margarita Galindo, and Sandra Watson.

Joining us from outside San Diego were: Aldo Barletta, from Marysville, WA; Stuart Dale, from Orange, CA; Sylvia Gonzalez, from Glendale, CA; Bernard Griego, from El Paso, TX; and Lalo Rodelo, from El Paso, TX; and Western Region Formators Catalina Miller and Kathy Iberle.

Trainees gathered at Our Lady of the Rosary in San Diego, where they were nourished at Holy Mass each day.  Afterwards, Paul Marquie provided delicious meals to keep us well-fed for the 3 days.

Before commissioning new trainers, Catalina and Kathy spent 2 days preparing us to deliver the 2016 revised Orientation, which allows for and encourages lively discussion about the Society on the local, national, and international level. The focus on the Society’s History, Spirituality, Organization, Resources, and Poverty were all capped by discussion on the Home Visit.  With confidence, the newly-trained Vincentians delivered the Orientation to San Diego members on Saturday Feb. 25, after which the trainers were commissioned in their new task.

Saturday’s Ozanam Orientation welcomed Vincentians from 3 local Conferences: Andrea Zigelman, Dee Leonard, Anita Razzouki, and Mike Wasyliw, from Church of St. Luke; Neil & Claudia Hicks, from Santa Sophia; Linda Palmer, from Christ the King; and Mary Mallek, who is discerning membership in the Society.

Though a requirement of membership in the Society, some Vincentians have never attended an Orientation.  Sadly, they may be unaware of the incredible facets of our ministry, which is centered on the Home Visit since our inception in 1833.  Conference Presidents are encouraged to schedule an orientation at their parish, thereby encouraging members to attend.  Please contact Judy Marquie or Sandra Watson.

Vincentians are a vital link in the worldwide network of charity, envisioned by Frederic Ozanam our founder, over 175 years ago!  No work of charity is foreign to the Society!