SVDP Dining Room

The SVDP Dining Room will allow us to engage persons experiencing hunger through a daily nutritional meal program. It will be unique in its structure of service. It will provide meals to the food-insecure, individuals and families in East County. The dining room will offer a well-balanced daily meal.

The program will include the following:

  • A clean/safe environment for meals
  • Access to visiting social service agencies
  • A Work Experience Program
  • Volunteer service fulfillment for schools or courts
  • Collection of general service data

The establishment of a Dining Room for the food-insecure will also provide financial benefits to the community at large.

  • Reduce police involvement
  • Reduce emergency room visits by offering healthier food options
  • Reduce current impact on the city budget
  • Reduce local business losses
  • Reduce the possibility of recurring diseases such as Hep A

The funding for the Dining Room is expected primarily to come from donations from churches, other non-profit agencies, food organizations, local, national and international corporations, and private individuals. Other sources include grants from local and international non-profit organizations and other projects which may develop from SVDP, such as a thrift store.

The anticipated launch of this dining room is November 2018 – Watch for more information at a later date.