Voice of the Poor Webinar THURSDAY 4/20

Does your council or conference have a seat at the table where major decisions on transportation, childcare and education, and jobs are made?  Who are the people and institutions shaping critical decisions that impact families in your community?
Community organizing is a process that is not foreign to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Faith-based and grassroots community organizing works to bring people of faith like you into relationship and partnership with people on the margins of society.
In this Webinar, we will explore how the tools of organizing can be used to successfully combat poverty and right social justice wrongs. We will learn about the goals and strategies of organizing, how Vincentians are engaged in organizing today, and what organizing looks like for you, your conference, and your council.
Paul Graham, a veteran community organizer who is currently the Society’s National Coordinator for the Vincentian Reentry Organizing Project, will lead the Webinar, sharing his experience and offering helpful strategies and tactics for effecting change and being an even more effective advocate for the poor and marginalized.
Call-in Information: 877-885-3221; Passcode: 7812587
Questions? Contact:
Tom Dwyer
National Chair, Voice of the Poor Committee
Tom Mulloy
National Director of Poverty Programs