“What Must Be Done” – Sr. Paule Freeburg

Tuesday, February 28, 2023
6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Workshop description: Vincent de Paul was asked to hear the confession of a dying man living in the county on the vast de Gondi estates.  The man said that he would have died in sin if not for the priest (Vincent) who heard his confession.  It touched the heart of Madame de Gondi. Vincent de Paul and Madame de Gondi discovered the enormous lack of spiritual help for the peasants living in the country villages on the de Gondi estates, most of whom never received the sacraments. Priests rarely went to the countryside and when they did, they did not know the words of absolution and did not say Mas. She asked Vincent to preach on this subject at the Sunday mass in the church in Folleville on her estates. Overwhelmed by the response of the people, Madame de Gondi asked Vincent de Paul, “What must be done?” That phrase, what must be done? has become the Vincentian question to this day. It is the question for discernment for the Vincentian Family. Let’s listen to the experience of St. Vincent in this regard and how, for the rest of his life he answered that question, and then explore the meaning for this same question “What must be done?” in your own Conference.